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Item: AIE-HW500
20 inches Food Hand Wrapper

Item info:

The AIE food wrapper helps to keep food fresh longer and extends the shelf life. It keeps products clean from dirt and impurities, enhancing the appearance. This wrapper has an electric heat blade that cuts the wrapping film from the roll. The heated Ptfe Fabric plate brings the film tight to the package, assuring a perfect and clean finish. The body of the AIE-HW500 is made of stainless steel and complies with health department regulations.

AIE-HW500 can fit a roll of wrapping film up to 20 inches wide.


  • Heated Ptfe Fabric Plate : 15 x 5
  • Heater Power : 240 W
  • Cutting Wire Power : 80 W
  • Voltage : 115 V
  • Dimension : 24"x22"x6.2"
  • Weight : 30 lbs

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