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Item: ET-605K
Bag Sealer Blue

Item info:

Bag Sealers are ideal for packaging produce, industrial parts, commercial goods, magazines and newspapers.
For tapes up to 3/8 inch wide with 3 inches cores
With trimmer.

Please make the following changes:

1. Color: We change the color of parts from gray to yellow, the size is same as before.

Revise to:
1.) COLOR: Changed from gray to yellow. Specifications are unchanged.

2. Saw Edge Blade:
Excell always offer the high quality products, so we decide to produce the blade by ourselves recently, so that we can control the quality totally. Beside that, we modify the blade to Saw Edge Blade, itís more sharp and easy to cut by our serious testing. Blade is not out of shape after thousands & hundreds use.

Revise to:
2.) EDGE BLADE: Excell strives to off the highest quality, and now manufacture the blade ourselves. Because of this, we've modified the saw edge blade so that it is sharper and endures our quality stress test. Our blades are extremely durable.

3. Blade holder:
The design of Blade holder was modified, that is more wide and different shape to match the blade, strong blade with holder to make the cutting easier. So you must to order two parts for replacement together. But we will offer you free blade holder, it means we just charge the blade, for the transformation period.

Revise to:
3.) BLADE HOLDER: Our blade holder has been modified to accommodate our new blade. Replacement parts must be purchased together. However; we will offer the blade holder free of charge during the transition period.

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